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Grading in Economics
  Category Percentage
  Tests and other major grades 60
  (includes 1/2 weight class participation grade)  
  Minor grades 40


Tests and other major grades:

Although we may have to adjust as time constraints limit us, I expect three or more tests each six weeks. These tests will be mostly multiple choice in format.

A relatively short project, such as an Excel spreadsheet, will be included each six weeks.

Minor grades:

All of these, after the first week, will be submitted on LMS. You must have your tablet PC in class every day beginning on August 30th!

Class Participation:

The ability to carry on meaningful class discussions is critical in this class, and it's one of the things that I value most highly. Therefore it is an important part of the evaluation process.

As a teacher, it is my function to evaluate student learning and participation. This evaluation is undoubtedly subjective, so I endeavor to error on the side of generosity.

I also recognize that some students are not comfortable speaking regularly before a large group. So a great deal of my evaluation of participation involves evaluating student performance in small group situations. Students in my class are grouped daily (about four per group). Most of the work of our class occurs is such small groups.

Please feel free to contact me!

If you have a concern, please send e-mail to or call me at 281-251-1286 (home). I'm anxious to help with your concerns!

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