A.P. Microeconomics

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AP Economics Study Tips

"10 Steps to Success" from Cracking the AP Economics Exams by Dr. David Anderson (highly recommended!)

  1. Take notes from the book.
    "If you read about a concept and then write down a description in your own words, you create a self-contained explanation that speaks your language and will be easy to re-process while studying for the exam. If you cannot explain the concept to yourself on paper, this is a clear indication that you need to study the material further."

  2. Use colored pens and rulers for clarity.
    "Graphs drawn freehand in one color quickly become an unreadable mess as more and more curves are added and shifted."

  3. Summarize what you've learned.

  4. Draw all of the graphs, complete with proper labels, until you know them by heart.

  5. Work all the problems you find.
    "Even after you feel comfortable with the material, it takes a lot of practice before you know how to correctly approach and conquer the problems."

  6. Work together in study groups to attack difficult problems

  7. Read the textbook before class.

  8. Take good notes in class.

  9. Ask questions in class about the textbook, homework, and lecture.

  10. Visit your teacher after class for answers to any remaining questions.