Friday, March 24th, 2006

Market Failures: Market Structures


Students shall be able to

  1. define monopoly.

  2. identify characteristics of monopoly.

  3. explain how a monopolist maximizes profit.

  4. list examples of monopoly.

  5. define natural monopoly.

  6. define oligopoly.

  7. identify characteristics of oligopolies.

  8. list examples of oligopoly.

  9. define monopolistic competition.

  10. identify characteristics of monopolistic competition.

  11. define product differentiation.

  12. list examples of monopolistic competition.

  13. define pure competition.

  14. identify characteristics of pure competition.

  15. list examples of pure competition.



  1. Students shall read section 1-3 of chapter 7.

  2. Complete the Market Structures Puzzle.


  1. Read section 1-3 of Chapter 7.

  2. Complete the Market Structures Crossword Puzzle.



Monitor and adjust as necessary. Check student responses in the notebook.

TEKS involved: 1A, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 7B, 9C, 12B, 15A, 15B, 19A, 19D, 23B, 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D, 26B, 26C, 26D