Monday, October 3, 20110

Factors of Production & Intro to Supply


Students shall be able to

  1. identify the factors of production,

  2. give examples of each of the factors of production.

  3. state the law of supply and

  4. identify factors that cause supply to change.



  1. Students shall watch "Mrs. Peabody's Beach."

  2. Students shall identify an example of each of the factors of production from "Mrs. Peabody's Beach."

  3. Discuss.

  4. Students shall watch "Supply on Market Street."

  5. Students shall complete "Reasons for changes in supply"

Assignment: Write down an example of each of the four factors of production - land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship - from "Mrs. Peabody's Beach."

Watch "Supply on Market Street."

Complete "Reasons for changes in supply" on LMS.



Monitor and adjust, as needed. Check student responses while working. Grade student responses when notebooks are collected.