Texas Penal Code Scavenger Hunt
Click here to open the Texas Statutes in a new browser window. Click on the words "Penal Code." Write your responses to the items below on the left side of your notebook.
  1. Look in chapter one and compute the day on which you will officially be 18 years old.

  2. What is the criminal standard for burden of proof in Texas?

  3. Which side must prove an "affirmative defense?"

  4. What is the burden of proof in an "affirmative defense?"

  5. What must a person do to be considered "reckless?" [You'll find this under "culpability."]

  6. Which section of the penal code defines situations in which one person is criminally responsible for the conduct of another person?

  7. Is intoxication a defense to criminal culpability?

  8. What extent of force may one use and claim "self defense" as a defense to criminal culpability?

  9. Under what conditions may one use deadly force to protect property?

  10. May a teacher use force to restrain a student?

  11. What is the maximum punishment for a Class A misdemeanor?

  12. What is the maximum punishment for a Class C misdemeanor?

  13. What is the maximum punishment for a second degree felony?

  14. What is the requirement for conviction of criminal conspiracy?

  15. List the eight different situations in which a murder becomes a capital murder.

  16. Although it has been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Texas sodomy statute remains on the books. What does it say?

  17. What is the punishment for improper photography or visual recording?

  18. What are the three prohibited acts - you may summarize as tastefully as possible - in subsection (a)(1) of the sexual assault statute?

  19. What type of conduct is considered "deadly conduct?" [Once again, you may summarize.]

  20. What does section 25.01 of the penal code prohibit, in general terms?

  21. Section 25.02 prohibits certain persons from engaging in sexual conduct. What classifications of persons are included?

  22. Under what circumstances is it illegal to burn down your own house?

  23. What is the maximum punishment one may receive for graffiti on a public school building?

  24. What difference does it make under the burglary if the premises being burglarized is a habitation and it is done with intent to commit a felony other than theft?

  25. What category of offense is hot check writing?

  26. What is the range of category of offense for hacking into a computer network?

  27. Under what circumstances is it illegal to point a laser pointer at another person?

  28. Suppose some bully with a gun forces you to stay in this room after the bell rings, against your will. What is the name of the crime he has committed? What is the range of punishment for that crime? [Hint: you'll have to look at different "chapters" of the penal code in order to answer these two questions.]

  29. Believe it or not, public fighting and making offensive noises are both crimes (making the freshman hall a high crime area!) under the same section of the Penal Code. What is the number of that section of the code? What is the range of punishment for these two crimes?

  30. I say to you "I've got $20 that says we're going to beat Klein Forest in tonight's basketball game." You accept the wager. Under what section of the Penal Code are we now criminals?

You are finished!