A.P. American Government Lesson Plan - Klein Oak High School
Dates Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Topic Political Participation & Political Parties
Objectives Students shall be able to
  1. Define the term political party and contrast the structures of the European and
    American parties, paying particular attention to the federal structure of the
    United States system and the concept of party identification.

  2. Trace the development of the United States party system through its four
    periods. Explain why parties have been in decline since the New Deal.

  3. Describe the structure of a major party. Distinguish powerful from powerless
    party units.

  4. Indicate whether there are major differences between the parties. Describe
    some of the issue differences between delegates at Democratic and Republican
    conventions, and compare these differences with those of the party rank and

Activities Review for test on Political Participation & Political Parties. [Word or PDF]
Assessment Monitor and adjust to check understanding.
Assignments Prepare for the Unit 3 Test on Thursday. Review - Word or PDF.