A.P. American Government Lesson Plan - Klein Oak High School
Dates Friday, September 11 & Monday, September 14, 2009
Topic Political Culture
Objectives Students shall be able to
  1. define what scholars mean by political culture.
  2. list some of the dominant aspects of political culture in the United States.
  3. discuss how American citizens compare with those of other countries in their political attitudes.
  4. list the contributions to United States political culture made by
    the Revolution,
    the nation's religious heritages, and
    the family.
  5. explain the apparent absence of class consciousness in the U.S.
  6. define internal and external political efficacy, and
  7. explain how the level of each of these has varied over the past generations.
Activities Discussion of American Political Culture from PowerPoint (ppt or html)
Assessment Monitor and adjust to check understanding. Collect and grade Chapter 4 homework assignment.
Assignments Read chapter 5 in the Wilson text and complete the class preparation assignment (Word or PDF).