A.P. American Government Lesson Plan - Klein Oak High School
Dates Friday, October 2, 2009
Topic Elections and Campaigns
Objectives Students shall be able to
  1. Demonstrate the differences between the party-oriented campaigns of the nineteenth century and the candidate-oriented ones of today, contrasting the major elements of successful campaigns.

  2. Discuss how important campaign funding is to election outcomes, what the major sources of such funding are under current laws and how successful reform legislation has been in removing improper monetary influences from United States elections.

  3. Define the term realigning election and discuss the major examples of such elections in the past. Debate whether realignment or dealignment is presently underway.

  4. Describe what the Democrats and Republicans each must do to put together a successful national coalition to win an election.

  5. Outline the major arguments on either side of the question of whether elections do or do not result in major changes in public policy in the United States.

Activities Video: The War Room (Documentary of 1992 Clinton campaign)
Assessment Monitor and adjust to check understanding.
Assignments Chapter 8 worksheet is due today!
Very Important People is due Nov. 3rd!