A.P. American Government Lesson Plan - Klein Oak High School
Dates Wednesday, October 14 - Thursday, October 15, 2009
Topic The Media
Objectives Students shall be able to
  1. Describe the evolution of journalism in United States political history and
    indicate the differences between the party press and the mass media of today.

  2. Demonstrate how the characteristics of the electronic media have affected the
    actions of public officials and candidates for national office.

  3. Describe the impact of the pattern of ownership and control of the media on the
    dissemination of news.

  4. Show how wire services and TV networks have affected
    national news coverage. Discuss the impact of the “national press.”

  5. Describe the rules that govern the media and contrast the regulation of
    electronic and print media. Indicate the impact of libel laws on freedom of the
    press and of government rules on broadcasters.

  6. Assess the impact of the media on politics and indicate why it is so difficult to
    find evidence that can be used to make a meaningful and accurate assessment.

  7. Explain why the executive branch probably benefits at the expense of Congress.

Activities Lecture/Discussion: The Media
View the PowerPoint (ppt or html) or the class notes sheet (Word or PDF).
Assessment Monitor and adjust to check understanding. Collect and grade chapter 10 assignment.
Assignments Prepare for Unit 5 Test on Monday. Click for the review - Word or PDF.