Tuesday, September 9 - Thursday, September 14, 2011

The importance of marginal analysis


Students shall be able to

  1. explain how all economic decisions are marginal decisions, and

  2. apply marginal analysis.


  1. Students shall answer a set of chapter five discussion questions.

  2. Take a quiz on M&B chapter 21.

  3. Read article by Dr. Landsburg on escalator standing.

  4. Discuss the Landsburg article.

  5. Read Chapter 7 of The Armchair Economist and discuss.



  1. Read "One small step for man ...." and participate in the discussion.

  2. Working in small groups, answer the assigned discussion questions from Heyne chapter five.

  3. Take a quiz on M&B chapter 21.

  4. Read Chapter 7 in The Armchair Economist  ("Why Taxes are Bad ....") and answer the set of questions on LMS.



Monitor and adjust as necessary. Grade the question set. Grade the quiz.