Klein Oak Class of 2001

Most Involved:

Jeff Mazzolini
Hilary Stafford

Most Versatile: Gil Laird
Christine Borromeo
Friendliest: Jelloyd Spencer
Krystal Evans
Wittiest: Robert Descant
Chelsea Ginther
Most School Spirit: Jacklyn McNeil
Brian Janish
Best Dressed:

Kris Rivera
Brittany Cain
Courtney Cain

Most like to be president: Jesse Bailey
Hilary Stafford
Best Hair: Robert Descant
Crystal Torres
Best Eyes: Scott McKenzie
Darrion Decoux
Best Smile: Michael McCurry
Ashley Ross
Best Legs: Daniel Stevens
Nola Fargason
Cutest Couple: Stephen Singletary
Kristin Carnahan
Best Friends:

Robert Descant
Scott McKenzie
Brittany Cain
Courtney Cain
Leah Kelly

Class Favorities: Jelloyd Spencer
Trisha Hodges
Most Handsome/Beautiful: Josh Morris
Nola Fargason
Most Likely to Succeed: Katie Borski
Nithin Rajan
Most Talented: Landon Kirksey
Dana Haas
Most Athletic: Cliff Robinson
Osaze Aghedo
Class Song: "Higher"
by Creed
Class Motto: To Infinity and Beyond
Class Colors: Midnight Blue, Silver
Prom King: Jelloyd Spencer
Prom Queen: Heidi Sanders

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