Klein Oak Class of 2000

Most Involved: Lucas Sealy
Audrea Toscano
Ryan Crochet
Most Versatile: Jim O'Connor
Rebecca Longoria
Friendliest: Jennifer Dunlap
Trey Alonzo
Wittiest: Kurt West
Leslie Harsell
Most School Spirit: Jennifer Uschak
Richard Montejo
Best Dressed: Pat Kelly
Keeli Anthony
Most like to be president: Lesley Caldwell
Jacob Grier
Best Hair: Dan Sukala
Andrea Wood
Best Eyes: Brandon Campbell
Audrey Burgard
Best Smile: Kris Ogorchock
Georgia Williams
Best Legs: Mandy Sonnen
Thomas Leger
Cutest Couple: Joey Mignogna
Kim Krause
Best Friends: Joey Mignogna
Joey Harris
Casey Dickinson
Brodine Perry
Class Favorities: Georgia Williams
Joey Harris
Miss and Mr. KOHS: Georgia Williams
Joey Harris
Most Handsome/Beautiful: Erik Schindewolf
Amber Drown
Most Likely to Succeed: James Murphy
Kim Salley
Most Talented: Bobby Darilek
Jennifer Dunlap
Most Athletic: Joey Harris
Adrienne Crenshaw
Class Song: "Freebird"
by Lynnard Skynard
Class Motto: We came, we saw, we conquered
Class Colors: Blue, Silver
Prom King: Eric Schindewolf
Prom Queen: Adaeze Okonkwo

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