Klein Oak Class of 1997

Most Beautiful/Handsome: Sharla Windsor
Craig Rapp
Most Athletic: Hailey Haygodd
Steven Brennan
Most Talented: Debbie Dover
Mark Van Fleet
Most Witty: Jennie Thogode
Brian Byrne
Best Eyes: Jeff Jaby
Jennifer Jeans
Best Hair: Megan Bradberry
Kyle Harris
Best Legs: Shelby Johnson
Donny Berryhill
Cutest Couple: Stephanie Theiss
Nathan Giessinger
Best Friends: Janelle Pence
Jana Tracy

Brendan Mackey
David Foley

Best Smile: Bridget Clark
Andy David
Most School Spirit: Monica Hill
Brian Johnson
Most Style: Angie Baranowski
Tyron Johnson
Most Likely To Succeed: Lucy Marquez
Shane Shariffskul
Prom Queen:
Prom King:
Maisie Gholson
Kevin Moore
Miss KOHS:
Lucy Marquez
Brian McCoy

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