Klein Oak Class of 1994

Most School Spirit: Jeff Drawe
Connie Jimenez
Best Hair: John Quezada
Dana Horge
Best Eyes: Greg Lowry
Shelley Thomas
Best Smile: David Frazier
Krissy Webster
Best Legs: Marc Lankford
Kelly Diffley
Cutest Couple: Ryan Dupnick
Lyndol Descant
Best Friends: Brian Finke
Casey Cornett
Carol Finch
Sunny Mitchell
Miss and Mr. KOHS: Jeff Drawe
Heather Avery
Most Handsome/Beautiful: Matt Darling
Kristy Hurt
Most Likely to Succeed: Nick Will
Lesley Chang
Most Talented: Jeff Diamond
Julie Parsons
Most Athletic: Delfred Broussard
Shannon Keel
Most Style: Wes Anderson
Lyndol Descant
Wittiest: Danny Naughton
Cori Cates
Friendliest Bobby Popinski
Heather Avery
Most Versatile: Nathan Coin
Amy Lorenz
Class Favorites: Andy Youngblood
Teresa Keating
Homecoming King: Jeff Drawe
Homecoming Queen: Heather Avery
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