Klein Oak Class of 1991

Most Versatile:Charlie Pollock
Mary Greiner
Friendliest: Katie Lecture
Jim Parsons
Wittiest: Van Blasingame
Sarah Mitchell
Most School Spirit: Bob Hanley
Amy Tharp
Best Hair: Joel Gomez
Kara Vachon
Best Eyes:Nathan Croswell
Pam Cady
Best Smile:Bill Vencill
Shannon Toay
Best Legs:Bryan Hulshof
Debbie Janezic
Cutest Couple: Mike Pitts
Corinna Rayburn
Best Friends: Charlie Pollock
Eric Miller
Jeff Miller
P.J. McMullen
Katie Lecture
Kara Vachon
Miss and Mr. KOHS: Chris Sanchez
Amy Tharp
Most Handsome/Beautiful: Matt Duesing
Jennifer Thomas
Most Likely to Succeed: Jenny Stephan
Mike Luka
Most Talented: Mark Lewis
Heather Kohnert
Most Style: Woody Polynice
Leslie Haley
Most Athletic: Bo Williams
Erika Massell
Class Favorites: Amy Tharp
Jentry Carruth
Bob Hanley
Homecoming King: Troy McMahon
Homecoming Queen: Kara Vachon

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